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If you are looking to get the most out of your workouts, but have limited or no knowledge about free weight training, this is for YOU! We provide a FREE, two-day course that will teach you the basic barbell training principles that will insure safe, efficient workouts for the rest of your fitness journey. This is a perfect intro for those who might be on the fence about joining our group training sessions.


8 Barbells


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We have all been there. The transition from body weight movements and isolation machines to free weights can be intimidating and challenging at first, especially if you don’t have someone by your side making sure you aren’t doing anything that will either injure you or waste your time. It doesn’t have to be this way…

During your FREE Fundamentals Course, we will:

  • Get to know you, your motivators, your drivers and current fitness challenges.
  • Provide a basic understanding of WHY strength is important.
  • Coach you through the basic barbell movements that will be the foundation of your strength training journey.
  • Determine if Bayou Barbell will be the best fit for your fitness goals.


Simply fill out this form and someone from our team will be contacting you shortly to discuss the best time for you to come in. We are also happy to help answer any questions you might have about training at Bayou Barbell.

We look forward to meeting you!


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