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Fundamentals Course

This is where it all starts. Experienced or not, we will take you through the basics of weight training. Strength is all about building a solid foundation of form and balance. We provide a two day course that will teach you the basic barbell training principles that will insure safe, efficient, and efficient workouts for the rest of your fitness journey. The goal of this course is to prepare you for our group or personal training sessions.

Group Strength Training

Parents. Get your kids to Bayou Barbell so we can get them ready for the field or court next season. We are taking in athletes ages 13-18 and transforming them into the STRONGEST, FASTEST, TOUGHEST kids on the Bayou. This is the most important stage of your athlete’s career with huge potential for growth and development. They will not tap into that potential by doing the minimum and going through the motions. Coaches train their teams. They are unable to tend to every specific need of each player. They just don’t have the time. That’s where we come in. We are there for every rep, every sprint; constantly evaluating and adjusting training as needed by each individual. Oh yea…. and it’s FUN.

Personal Training

Group classes aren’t for everyone. If you would benefit more from a one on one atmosphere, we can tailor your program to attack specific weaknesses in your training regimen.

Open Gym (24 HR Access)

Looking for a true IRON SANCTUARY? Try having 24 hr access to a private weight room stocked with rock solid strength equipment. No ridiculous machines. No wasting your lunch hour waiting for a rack to open.
“It’s basically like owning my own gym.” – Jerome Brock (Open Gym Member)